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I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Communication at Butler University, where I teach courses in the Department of Human Communication and Organizational Leadership.

My research and teaching explore social changes and the role new, digital communication technologies play in accelorating or inhibiting them.

In my dissertation I studied the calculated (non-)use of new information communication technologies in Amish communities, Divine Design: Configuring Amish Communication in a High-tech World. This project identifies strategies for preserving cultural autonomy among marginalized groups in the information age. In 2015, I completed my PhD in the Media School at Indiana University.

I have also published research on Ethnographic techniques for studing technology non-users, Twitter use by protesters and social and mobile media use for public health communication among high-risk groups. Among other outlets, my research has been published in First Monday, New Media & Society and Media Culture & Society.










Amish buggy with wifi signal