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Lindsay Ems


My academinc interests are inspired by professional experiences I had while working at an independent telecommunications company (Smithville Communications) from 2001-2007 in southern Indiana. The company provided telephone, broadband and wireless services in rural areas where customers were often quite poor. My job involved interacting with customers and learning how they used these products. Then, I helped create materials explained our services in accessible ways.

Some people we served were illiterate, many had old or broken computers, few had access to higher education and all lived outside of densely populated urban areas where Wi-Fi and cellular data networks were readily available. These professional experiences prompted the formation of many ethical questions about the relationship between technological and social progress. In order to begin answering these questions, I enrolled in graduate school at Indiana University.

Since then, my scholarship has focused on interrogating assumptions about the role information communication technology plays in improving people's lives.









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